Fritz Manke Academy

Complementing competences

Fritz Manke Academy offers a variety of training programs and education concepts.


We focus on the topics of security and health as well as digital transformation and personal development. Our qualified expert team guarantees the highest standards and entertaining, yet focused, approach to your further development.

Fire protection / First aid / Evacuation

Affordable security.


Those courses will give you the necessary knowledge to act properly in an emergency situation.


    • Theoretical seminars and practical exercises in the handling of fire extinguishers (commissioning and extinguishing)
    •  Individual fire protection training with the aid of our modern brand simulator, which will significantly contribute to active operational safety


    • Training in operating wall hydrants, fire extinguishers and properly recognizing the causes of fire, as well as the importance of safety solutions for early fire detection.


  • Evacuation

    •  Detailed explanation of the principle of the evacuation according to the Fire Protection Ordinance "B"


    • Exercise in orderly and safe evacuation and demonstration of the importance of fire and smoke protection doors and the escape routes


    • The principle of evacuation is practically demonstrated to participants on location


  • First Aid

    in cooperation with our partner St John Ambulance

    • A unique training concept developed by St John Ambulance


    • Discovering the most important guiding principles and the necessary measures of first aid


    • Focused on practical exercises


    • Small groups assignments, motivated and specially trained lectures, hands-on approach


Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has for some time been on everybody's lips.


In contrary to popular belief, the success of digitization depends primarily on the human factor.


With our support, you will be able to understand what implication digital transformation has and how to work with digital tools, concepts and communication


Our course is design to increase the productivity of the company by making the digital world familiar, enjoyable and effective.

  • Systematic Coaching

    • Systemic coaching is a set of individual sessions for all those, who want to set ambitious goals and improve their personal situation


    • We support you in discovering, improving and actively using your natural problem-solving competences


    • We analyse your individual situation, clarify your personal objectives


    • Together with you, we are pursuing the goal of developing a new working and life perspectives

    • We offer practical, solution-oriented, scientifically proven advice


    • Our aim is to guide the company's  transformation, implementing the complex plans, setting up the targets and analysing the results


    • We work with you to develop a solution that will enable you to gain efficiently, effectively and sustainably the redefined targets


    • We focus on the human factor


  • Digital customer relations

    • Approaching customers across all sales channels


    • Professionally supporting customers in the on- and offline world


    • Conducting customer consultations with a positive impact on company's image


    • Clear ideas, understandable approaches and successful formats from experienced practitioners

Preventive health management

Resiliency — the ability of people to resist — can be taught.


With our specially designed concepts, we enable individuals to deal better with their personal and professional problems.


The aim of our seminars is to provide a clear plan of action for successful stress management and the ability to handle future pressure situation.




For all questions concerning Fritz Manke Academy, contact:

Michaela Peiffer (M. Sc)



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Fritz Manke GmbH has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 standards and is  approved installer of fire alarm systems as well as smoke and heat extraction systems.


The company is a member of the Association of Technical Dealers (VTH), the Federal Association for Technical Fire Protection (bvbf) and the Federal Association of Manufacturers and Installers of Safety Systems (BHE).