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For generations, we have supported numerous house management companies in preventive fire protection.


For your real estate in NRW, we are at your disposal with our comprehensive support. Our experienced fire protection specialists will accompany you with any TÜV or fire brigade inspection.


In close consultation with the relevant institutions, we will jointly develop a procedure for the installation and maintenance or maintenance of your fire protection solutions. The resulting concept follows strictly all requirements of the fire protection regulations and laws.


Fritz Manke GmbH offers you a comprehensive range of services for fire protection in your real estate.


All measures are based precisely on the regulations and laws of the state of NRW and / or the municipal authority as well as the DIN regulations and guidelines corresponding to the respective fire protection technology.


We will take care of the new installation, maintenance, recurring maintenance and repair of the following fire protection measures:

  • Portable and stationary fire extinguishers
  • Smoke removal systems
  • Smoke detectors
  • Fire protection doors and gates
  • Escape route lighting and signposting
  • Filling and discharging stations / pressure elevation stations
  • Wall hydrants and hoses
  • Fire dampers
  • Sealing systems
  • Training and instruction in handling of fire protection technology

A 24-hour telephone number for direct emergency in objects of registered property managers.

Our all-round carefree package

The right precaution is not an unsolvable task:

Well functioning fire alarm system, clear escape and rescue plans, sufficient fire extinguishing equipment and trained personnel. The right mix is crucial.

The following steps form the all-round carefree package:

Consulting and planning

The basis of our projects is extensive planning.

From the point of view of cost efficiency and quality, we look for the best possible protection solutions

In accordance with your wishes and the applicable guidelines/laws, we develop an optimal concept for your object.

Installation and maintenance

We install and maintain fire protection systems in accordance with all standards and guidelines.

This includes new systems as well as those already in use.

Maintenance of fire extinguishers, door detection systems or fire alarm systems are, of course, part of our offer.

Emergency and safety lighting, smoke and heat ventilation systems, fire service plans, as well as other safety and fire protection solutions are an important part of our concepts.



Our training courses are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the German Occupational Safety and Health (Arbeitsschutzgesetz) according to §10, Workplace Guidelines ASR A2.2, ASR A2.3, Guidelines of the Berufsgenossenschaft according to DGUV Principle 304-001 and the accident insurance authorities of the public sector GUV-VA1.

Customer service

Our competent team is there for you. We take care of your facility, inform about changes in the law and provide reliable protection on your private or commercial premises.

Emergency service 24/7

A competent partner at your side. Day and night.

For cities & municipalities:

Manke & public facilities

In Germany, fire-fighting and fire protection are a matter for the federal states because of federalism. These, in turn, give this task to their communities.


In addition to the defensive fire protection provided by the fire brigades, the preventive fire protection, for which regulations are mainly found in building law, comes to the fore. The escape routes, the minimum distances, the height limits and the access routes for the rescue vehicles must be considered in the blueprint. The same applies to the number of fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems, such as, for example, a smoke detector or the known red push button sensors. As a rule, the building authorities carry out this work.


We support the municipalities from planning to maintenance for all fire protection requirements.



For hospitals & social institutions:

Manke & Healthcare

Safety in hospitals is an important issue.


Hospitals are always the target of burglaries or thefts. Fire hazards also entail permanent risks for all parties involved.

However, clinics have a special duty of care against their patients: the sick, those in need of care and their dependents are rightly expecting their property to be protected in the best possible way.


Your safety is our competence! We are happy to help.


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Fritz Manke GmbH has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 standards and is  approved installer of fire alarm systems as well as smoke and heat extraction systems.


The company is a member of the Association of Technical Dealers (VTH), the Federal Association for Technical Fire Protection (bvbf) and the Federal Association of Manufacturers and Installers of Safety Systems (BHE).