Fire protection

Your security is our expertise

Fire protection is our core competency.

With decades of experience, we are your reliable partner for all types of fire protection.

Whether you look for protection of your own four walls or a large residential complex, we provide tailor-made and innovative safety solutions.

Fire extinguishers

Our selection includes all categories of portable fire extinguishers.


Easy operation, self-explanatory functionality and quality "Made in Germany".

We also offer a testing and filling service for all types and brands of



Smoke detectors / fire alarms

Noticing fire in time?

We offer a variety of high-quality devices.


In addition to certified devices for business and home, we also offer smoke detectors for the deaf and hearing-impaired.

Door locking systems

Buildings are divided into fire sections by fire walls. The fire sections prevent the spread of a fire. This means that doors in fire walls are always closed. Closed doors, however, interfere with the workflow.


Door detection devices hold fire and smoke-proof doors by means of magnets, ensuring optimal fire protection and no interference to working procedures.


Emergency escape system with panic lock

In the case of fire, the magnet releases the door and the fire section is closed. Fire and smoke can not spread further. Escape routes remain free, and the damage is low. Fire escape and emergency exit doors on escape and rescue routes can be secured by the installation of panic locks against unauthorized access. The operator has to carry out a monthly function test as well as the obligation to have the maintenance systems serviced annually by a specialist company. Our consultants will be happy to provide you with further information.




Smoke and heat ventilation system

RWA systems are installed in stairwells and halls. The windows and roof cupolas open in the event of fire and allow the withdrawal of fire smoke and toxic gases. Escape routes remain free of smoke for longer, people rescue and fire fighting by the fire department much easier.


Statutory provisions regulate the installation and maintenance of smoke and heat ventilation systems. Our expert advisors will answer your questions. We are also happy to assist you with the planning and design of RWA systems.

Fire seals

According to the regulations of the state building regulations, ventilation ducts in buildings with more than two full floors and ventilation ducts that bridge fire sections must be made in such a way that fire and smoke can not be transferred into other floors or fire sections.


This protection goal is achieved by the use of fire seals. Fire dampers are therefore intended for automatic shut-off of fire sections in HVAC systems.


Fire dampers must be installed in such a way that inspections, maintenance and cleaning are possible. The address or assignment to the plant must allow clear and doubt-free localization in execution or revision plans. In the case of free access, the fire protection flap shall be marked according to the data in the revision plans.

If there is no free access (for example, a flap is located above a suspended ceiling), an identification must be made in the immediate vicinity of the fire damper. The function must be checked at regular intervals. The maintenance requirements are described in detail in the test certificates / approvals.

The maintenance activities are an integral part of the test certificates / approvals.

Fire brigade plans /

Escape and rescue plans

Fire brigade plans consist of the object plan (overview plan) and the deployment plan (detail plan). Object plans allow the fire brigade an overview of the object and the adjacent streets and buildings. The deployment plan consists of the floor plan of the object with entries or special hazards in the object, water collection points and other information important to the fire brigade. With the help of the deployment plans, the fire brigade orientates itself in the object and can specifically fight a fire. By a rapid extinguishing effect the fire spread can be limited and the damage minimized.


Alarm plans describe operating, organizational and technical measures on site that allow alerting responsible parties in case of accident.


The course of the escape routes as well as the locations of the fire extinguishing agents are recorded in escape and rescue plans. The plans allow the immediate detection of fire extinguishers and an orderly evacuation.

Firefighting water systems

In consideration of the local conditions, requirements and legal requirements, we offer solutions for wall hydrants, top and underfloor hydrants and pressure elevators.


Our service includes the design, planning, construction and maintenance of the respective systems.

Revision Covers / Fire Protection Enclosures

We are official distributor of EAS product line.


EAS's officially examined and certified revision covers provide compliant solutions before electrical distribution and completion of installation shafts.


The program includes a wide range of products in many sizes, colours and finishes. They can be flexibly adapted to the project-related protection objective and the local conditions.

Fire detection systems

Fire detection systems are used for the safe and unambiguous reporting of fire point. For the protection of people and property, automatic and manual detectors integrated into a fire detection system detect the source of the danger and control a variety of functions via the fire detection centre.



We provide VDS compliant systems from the companies ESSER by Honeywell, Hertek and Hekatron.


Fritz Manke Gmbh is an installation company certified by VDS according to DIN 14675.

We also provide maintenance service of existing facilities.


Mobile fire alarm systems


We implement temporary fire alarm systems (based on radio technology) for construction sites or temporary locations.

Tailor-made solutions?

Individual fire protection for every working environment.

Our all-round carefree package

The right precaution is not an unsolvable task:

Well functioning fire alarm system, clear escape and rescue plans, sufficient fire extinguishing equipment and trained personnel. The right mix is crucial.

The following steps form the all-round carefree package:

Consulting and planning

The basis of our projects is extensive planning.

From the point of view of cost efficiency and quality, we look for the best possible protection solutions

In accordance with your wishes and the applicable guidelines/laws, we develop an optimal concept for your object.

Installation and maintenance

We install and maintain fire protection systems in accordance with all standards and guidelines.

This includes new systems as well as those already in use.

Maintenance of fire extinguishers, door detection systems or fire alarm systems are, of course, part of our offer.

Emergency and safety lighting, smoke and heat ventilation systems, fire service plans, as well as other safety and fire protection solutions are an important part of our concepts.



Our training courses are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the German Occupational Safety and Health (Arbeitsschutzgesetz) according to §10, Workplace Guidelines ASR A2.2, ASR A2.3, Guidelines of the Berufsgenossenschaft according to DGUV Principle 304-001 and the accident insurance authorities of the public sector GUV-VA1.

Customer service

Our competent team is there for you. We take care of your facility, inform about changes in the law and provide reliable protection on your private or commercial premises.

Emergency service 24/7

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Fritz Manke GmbH has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 standards and is  approved installer of fire alarm systems as well as smoke and heat extraction systems.


The company is a member of the Association of Technical Dealers (VTH), the Federal Association for Technical Fire Protection (bvbf) and the Federal Association of Manufacturers and Installers of Safety Systems (BHE).