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Whether commercial or private - security is the top priority when it comes to a property. As owner you are confronted with many questions. Finally, nothing should be left out. Fritz Manke GmbH offers you the "all-round carefree package".


Fritz Manke GmbH is a recognized installer for fire alarm systems as well as for smoke and heat extraction systems and a member of the Federal Association of Manufacturers and Installers of Safety Systems e.V.



Emergency and safety lighting

The emergency and safety lighting systems must ensure that electricity is available for the supply of the emergency and safety lighting when the electricity supply is interrupted. This goal can be achieved with central battery systems or with single battery supply for the lights.


Corresponding legal regulations for workplaces includes  ASR A1.3 Safety and Health Protection Bill, ASR A2.3 Escape Routes, Emergency Exits, Escape and Rescue Plans and the ASR A3.4 / 3 Safety Lighting and Safety Guidance Systems.

Emergency and safety lighting is of paramount importance in the evacuation and evacuation of buildings.

Wireless alarm system

Damage from burglary, fire, technical failure at home or your place of business can cause considerable economic losses.


Today's technical development allows the monitoring of various sources of danger through a single integrated system. This allows you to be highly efficient against possible damage.



Lightning protection systems

Lightning strikes occur more frequently than one assumes.


What must the owner or owner of the property consider?

A distinction is made between external and internal lightning protection. Only the combination of both offers an optimal lightning protection.


External lightning protection

Here, particularly the roof trusses, photovoltaic plants or antenna installations are affected. Because of their exposed position on the roof of a house, the probability of a lightning strike is much higher. The resulting temperatures of up to 30000 ° C can easily set a roof or parts of a photovoltaic system on fire.


Internal lightning protection

The strong electrical charges during lightning strike can lead to overvoltage in the cable network of a house. Installation of a proper system ensures an optimal protection of electronic devices.


We provide the check services for all local electrical equipment at your company.


In order to avoid damage, have your devices checked by us by the latest technology. The logs are created immediately. The proof of such tests will release you from the liability in case of damage!


All electrically operated devices which are not connected to the power supply but plugged into an electrical outlet are to be tested.


The legislator has incorporated this provision into the Seventh Social Code (SGB VII) (§209 para. 1 no. 1 SGB VII). The tests are carried out on the basis of the Accident Prevention Regulations VBG4 (new BGV A3 before BGV-A2) of the Berufsgenossenschaften.

Security fog?

The clever solution

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Our all-round carefree package

The right precaution is not an unsolvable task:

Well functioning fire alarm system, clear escape and rescue plans, sufficient fire extinguishing equipment and trained personnel. The right mix is crucial.

The following steps form the all-round carefree package:

Consulting and planning

The basis of our projects is extensive planning.

From the point of view of cost efficiency and quality, we look for the best possible protection solutions

In accordance with your wishes and the applicable guidelines/laws, we develop an optimal concept for your object.

Installation and maintenance

We install and maintain fire protection systems in accordance with all standards and guidelines.

This includes new systems as well as those already in use.

Maintenance of fire extinguishers, door detection systems or fire alarm systems are, of course, part of our offer.

Emergency and safety lighting, smoke and heat ventilation systems, fire service plans, as well as other safety and fire protection solutions are an important part of our concepts.



Our training courses are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the German Occupational Safety and Health (Arbeitsschutzgesetz) according to §10, Workplace Guidelines ASR A2.2, ASR A2.3, Guidelines of the Berufsgenossenschaft according to DGUV Principle 304-001 and the accident insurance authorities of the public sector GUV-VA1.

Customer service

Our competent team is there for you. We take care of your facility, inform about changes in the law and provide reliable protection on your private or commercial premises.

Emergency service 24/7

A competent partner at your side. Day and night.

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Fritz Manke GmbH has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 standards and is  approved installer of fire alarm systems as well as smoke and heat extraction systems.


The company is a member of the Association of Technical Dealers (VTH), the Federal Association for Technical Fire Protection (bvbf) and the Federal Association of Manufacturers and Installers of Safety Systems (BHE).