The all-round solution for all types of package conveyors in food & drink industry.


TS-X is a dry lubrication system designed to work seamlessly  with RM2000T®, RM2000MMF® and RM2000 CAN MMF®. It increases the longevity of any production lines, reduces the bacterial growth in production environment and improves the working conditions.


TS–X is best suited for food & drink filling industries, food processing industry, milk industry, PET filling plants and any type of packaging plant.


dry and clean production floors; no spillage onto production line

improvement of the hygiene standard, reduction of bacterial growth

elimination of packaging damage due to spillage

improvement in production

avoidance of water miscible lubricants, avoidance of increased humidity in production environment

use of advanced and efficient dry lubrication technology

Result with TS-X

100% dry working environment

minimal use of lubricant

efficient application of an oil based lubricant onto specific parts of the conveyor

best technology for  high-speed conveyors

maintenance-free system

up to 90 % savings in comparison to water based systems

increased durability of mechanical marts

Areas of use

PET filling plants

Unit & container transport

Bottle filling plants

Unit & container transport

Can filling plants

Unit & container transport

Soft packaging plants

Unit & container transport

reduction of damage to packaging

noise reduction

elimination of stick-slip effect

Technical advantages

energy saving up to 30%

increased durability of the line

increased operative effectiveness

no water, no foam, no calcification

substantial reduction of friction

less cleaning agent


less maintenance costs


less energy consumption



less water & effluent used for lubrication


less operational interference


less lubricant


less water & effluent used for cleaning


LESS mechanical wear


total savings



The principles of sustainability play an important role in today's production.

Ts-x system helps preserve resources and create more productive and friendly environment.

Saving on fresh water

Reduction of energy consumption

Less effluent

0 m³ water consumption in comparison to 400 m³ used by water miscible systems

Due to reduction of friction and exact application of lubricant

Due to reduction of bacterial growth and expanding of cleaning intervals

Reduction of chain wear

Improvement of the working environment

Less chemicals

Absence of water helps to protect the chain and prevent mechanical wear

Reduction of humidity in production environment and elimination of slip hazards

Dirt repellent microfilm expands the cleaning intervals

We offer our customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland following services:

Engineering, production and installation of the system

Production and delivery of food grade lubricants suitable for the system

Preventive and regular maintenance

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